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This is your home to find brand logos, colors, and typefaces to support Upstream Matters.






The concept of the Upstream Matters logo takes the idea of the water cycle and adds the visible ripples of how our actions affect water quality and the effect that has on the Triangle.

Brand Colors

The Upstream Matters color palette uses colors to give a clean, bright, and aquatic feel. The main color is a a dark blue. Use this color for headlines and as the primary color. For subheads and secondary elements, use the light blue.


The light green can be applied to the rectangle as a support color. Please do not place the green in the icon as that it could imply that there is something in the water.


Hex (web): #0083CA

CMYK: C: 100 M: 35 Y:0 K:0

RGB: R: 0 G: 131 G: 202


Hex (web): #00AEEF

CMYK: C: 100 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0

RGB: R: 0 G: 174 G: 239


Hex (web): #00A651

CMYK: C: 100 M: 0 Y: 100 K: 0

RGB: R: 0 G: 166 G: 81

Brand Typefaces

Use these fonts for all Upstream Matters print and web based materials.

Eveleth — Clean Regular

Gotham — Medium

Gotham — Book


Images that can be used on social media to promote the mission of protecting clean water for Raleigh.