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Why protect water?

Fresh, clean water allows communities to thrive and flourish. Here are a few reasons why protecting water helps our counties and cities develop cultural and recreational sites:
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Water is crucial for the local agricultural, food and business industries. Many farms depend on clean water to grow their crops, just as your favorite brewery and distillery rely on it to brew their beer or make their liquor. The beverage and food industries are also large consumers of water and requires clean water to continue providing their services. People who fish from these waterways also want to know that the water is clean and the fish are safe to eat. Without clean water, many of these industries would not be able to survive. Clean water means clean food and that means good health.

Why Protect Our Clean Water Future? - Two Women Standing on Paddleboards in a Lake
Photo: Conservation Trust for North Carolina


There is no doubt that where there’s water, there’s bound to be some fun! Nearby lakes and rivers offer recreational opportunities to explore nature right in your backyard. From walking greenways, celebrations, fishing, hunting and boating to watersports such as kayaking and canoeing, there are many ways to spend some time outdoors and breathe in the fresh air.

Seven Children and an Adult Kneel on the Banks of a Small Creek to Investigate the Water
Photo: Triangle Land Conservancy


Programs dedicated to protecting the quality of water provide safe, potable drinking water for families and kids. It allows for everyone to get clean water right in their homes to cook, drink and use. With water quality protection programs and efforts to safeguard clean water in place, you can sleep more soundly knowing that your water is safe for you and your family.

Two Women Hike Through a Forest
Photo: Conservation Trust for North Carolina


Conserving forested land with dollars raised by the City of Raleigh Watershed Protection Fund not only keeps our lands lush and green, but it also protects the water quality of nearby lakes and streams. This relationship makes for both our land and water to remain healthy and clean for future generations to enjoy.

A View of Downtown Raleigh, Including the Raleigh Convention Center and BB&T Building


The future of the Triangle is looking brighter than ever. As Raleigh continues to be the fastest-growing city in the area and the most significant water user, businesses in the area will be booming – allowing for commerce to rise. But with the growing population, there’s potential for the quality of water to be disrupted due to infrastructural developments. So, it’s crucial to continue to work together with local partners to protect the area and work toward climate resilience.

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Photo Credits: Conservation Trust for North Carolina