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Be part of keeping our water clean

Want to become a water conservation champion? You don’t have to wait to take action. Here are a few easy practices you can do to protect clean water.

Don’t litter and do recycle products when you can

The less trash we have going to the landfills, the higher chance our waters will remain free of litter and harmful waste.

Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies

Some supplies contain ingredients that cannot be removed from water once they are in it. This can harm the quality of the water and even help algae grow in areas it’s not supposed to.

Dispose of toxic household products properly

Any hazardous material poured down the drain or thrown into landfills can end up in local lakes and streams. Make sure to read labels to dispose of products properly or contact your city’s waste disposal department if you have questions on disposing of hazardous waste.

Report illegal dumping

Illegal dumping can have severe consequences for humans, wildlife and the environment. Contact your local waste disposal department if you see any illegal dumping take place.

Organize or participate in a stream cleanup

Grab a group of friends or join a local group to help clean local streams and ensure our water remains clean. 

Install rain gardens and other “creek-friendly”  features at home

Rain gardens are bowl-shaped areas that store runoff water in your own yard. They are great for filtering out pollutants and protecting against erosion and flooding. Click here to learn more about rain gardens and how to build one.

Donate to local organizations conserving land for clean water

Land conservation is key to protecting water quality. Thanks to local organizations and generous donations from supporters, this work is made possible and pushes forth more efforts for water protection.

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Banner Photo: Caroline Gilmore